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apposed to what above post sais, this gun is a money pit, you will have to put a lot of money in the gun to get it up to snuff. stock, it has the same range as AEGs, but is single fire which puts you at a disadvantage, you will need to replace the hop as the stock one is crap, as well as the inner barrel, and im fairly sure that getting a thread adapter to put a silencer on is almost imposable. just save up and get a TM. also don't get the OD, it is the crappy shiny stuff that you can spot a mile away, get the black version.

this gun can be effective, one of my friends has one and he is effective with his (has some up grades i belive not sure which ones), especially if you are looking for a sniper rifle that you only want to use part time, just don't expect to be able to run with the guys who are full time snipers, get another AEG or save up for a TM VSR that's my suggestion
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Wildcard his gun is better than all of yours, he has magpul stuff on it, all the magpuls you can dream of. He has all of them. On his gun. I wish I had magpuls
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Look at all the fucks no one gives Miles, look at them. There is a lot of fucks not being given.

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