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I just found this review online since I was looking at p-90 pictures online for fun.

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
While the TM performed well and cosmetically was far superior to the Well, it still felt like a child's toy more than a replica firearm. And personally, I don't care much for the shiny ABS plastic that TM uses in their guns. And with a price tag of usually $600 or more, I really wasn't interested in a TM that would see the occasional plinking, but mostly be nothing but a wall hanger.
I got the TM one like 2 years ago for 350 USD (I think) modded to 475 fps and an upgraded battery to keep the rate of fire high. (Those battery upgrades are wierd cause it's amazing they fit). Also I find the "plinking" comment funny. Mine goes through aluminum cans

For some reason it looks like that echo 1 is a reverse engineer of the TM one. I'm sure it's different inside though. Have you used both? If so are they identical inside?

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