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right now i own an ICS m4 and a JG m16 dmr, i like em both but i was thinking of getting another for my collection. I like the m16 cuz it has pretty good range and i like the m4 because of the Rof but it really cant be used in Woodsball because i cant really shoot more then 40 feet and have it go straight. Any ideas on what i should get for my next airsoft gun, one that has good ROF and distance and accuracy.
If you're only getting 40' from an ICS M4, you have a serious problem. That gun should have an accurate range of 100'-130' and and effective range of about 150'. Check to see if your hopup is adjusted properly. It should shoot flat and straight to 150' or so before dropping off. If it's shooting as good as you can get it, take it to a gundoc who is experienced with ICS version 2 gearboxes (the M4 has a split gearbox and contains proprietary parts that are not interchangable with non ICS split gearboxes) and have it checked out. Hopefully, it's just a hopup issue that can be easily remedied.
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