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Airsoft Soldier #3 is out now

From Arnie's Airsoft:

There’s a new issue of Airsoft Soldier out:

We just got the third issue of Airsoft Soldier from the print, and it’s looking B-E-A-U-tiful!

At the time of writing it is already shipped out to our subscribers and dealers. In this issue we have made improvements (“third time’s the charm”) and we’ve had more resources to put into the development of the magazine. The content is again made to cover a wide scope of interest, and every airsofter will find useful and interesting articles to their liking, as well as a possibility to learn something new. We have beautiful pictures from an IPSC Action Air (Airsoft Practical) event in Macao, vivid coverage about airsoft in Hungary and a mammoth of an article about an innovative new type of an airsoft event in Estonia. We also take a step to the new world and our Team Introduction features a US-based team this time, Spartan Assault from Maine.

Our electric reviews feature the brand new King Arms GALIL SAR as the cover story, the rather refined Systema TW5A4, and the “Star of Israel” UZI SMG by Tokyo Marui. Further for electric guns, our “Pimp My Gun” has instructions how to build your own FET-unit with a braking feature. The gas gun articles this time are the Star AW338 and the Socom Gear Wilson Combat CQB Elite. Check out full list of the contents from our website at

On top of these there are lots of smaller stories and articles of combat and safety gear as well as accessories, and a “Special Gun” is again featured.

New subscribers will receive a calendar for the year 2009 free of charge together with the magazine. The calendar features rather cool airsoft photography and a very attractive centerfold. New subscriptions start from issue #4 by default, and the order form features boxes to tick if you wish to have the previous issues as well.

Regards, Jarkko Koskinen (Editor-in-Chief, Airsoft Soldier)

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