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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post's really helpfull for others if you narrow it down a bit to what model (i.e. M4, AK, G36, etc...) you're looking at.
well, I was looking to identify a brand rather then falling in love with a model and not having a choice (trying to put brains ahead of heart) . I am not looking for an overly specialized weapon. As much as I want a c9/m249 just for the sake of the memories, I don't expect it to be a newb friendly gun.

GR16 R5
GR300 (long)

SA58 O.S.W.
Scar (light or heavy, not familiar with the differences)

KWA (only familiar with the models on mopic's website)
KM4S - Tactical

Big list I know. All things being equal, the scar is my top choice in terms of looks, but I was hoping that one manufacturer being "better" for me would help widdle it down fast.
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