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If they weren't minors, they stand to face charges a lot more serious than bylaw violations.

Originally Posted by DEA View Post
It's amazing how things have changed! With the old timers I ran with years ago, this would not even be an issue, or a discussion. However... in our defense, I believe we were all alot older and a lot more mature then. Most of us playing/organizing were 18 yrs and older! Looks like this sport has really gone down hill hard!
How has things changed? Nothing has changed.

Dumber kids have been doing this kind of stuff for years, it's about as new as police shooting kids for it. We no more associate with the idiots that pull crap like this now then you would have 'back in your days'. The priority on responsible use of airsoft guns haven't changed a wit, so we'd certainly appreciate it if you don't misconstrue the state of Canadian airsoft based on the action of certain irresponsible kids with no affiliation to us.

After all, irrationally equating responsible airsofting to those idiots is something that soccer moms do.
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