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Originally Posted by Rainman416 View Post
What are the other sites you know of?? I didn't search for too long but I only came across, mach1airsoft, and buyairsoft... and out of those buy was the cheapest.. but to be honest at the time I hadn't considered getting into the sport.. or I wouldn't have been as concerned with getting the cheaper one. Now thats all changed so I'm going to look into the gun smith inspection and maybe a couple upgrades..

On a side note..

Does "Tokyo Marui compatible" mean that all the parts that are built for Tokyo Marui guns should fit on?
Also, do you know the best place to find a good deal on a metal receiver for the M4?
The answer to all those is to get age verified. The rest of the retailers sell through the forum here. Age verified means you meet with a rep, show them ID in person to prove you're 18+, then you have access to tons more stuff.

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