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its interesting to see that a country as vast as canada and where real guns are legal in many places you still face many of the legal problems we in the uk face associated with Airsoft, we fight month to month to keep airsoft legal and keep the sport going, you would think the eu and external bodies would look at this sport on a worldwide scale, they would probable be shocked at the worldwide number of people who play the sport. i think the problem is that we do not have a world wide governig body to keep track of the players and skirmish sites opening and operating worldwide, if we did that governing body would propably give us more power to question the rules and regulation pushed on us.

Dont get me wrong i cant comment on canada's legal requirement but for the most part most off the rules enforced in the UK are for the most part very fair and i gladly follow them, but our sport is constantly under the thread of legal ban due to people who dont understand it.:banghead:
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