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Wow..... So I've been off the forums since 2005/2006. I simply logged on for shits and giggles, and this is the top thread! An actual discussion about airsoft in the streets of Calgary, and what to do about it! That's fucking awesome! haha.

It's amazing how things have changed! With the old timers I ran with years ago, this would not even be an issue, or a discussion. However... in our defense, I believe we were all alot older and a lot more mature then. Most of us playing/organizing were 18 yrs and older! Looks like this sport has really gone down hill hard!

Well... anyways... you all have fun with these kind of issues now! haha. At least I won't be surprised if in the next while I hear on the news that some young dumb-ass kid carrying a bb gun was shot dead by the police.
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