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You know what the right thing to do is so do it. In the end it's the righteous guy who always wins (I've been watching a lot of Y&D lately so...). I'm pretty sure you don't want to be hanging around these guys anyways is they are doing retarded things like this. Just the retardery of kids these days appals me. I think that I'm one of the last few generations of kids who actually aren't retarded.

People seem to expect shit for doing nothing these days like they're the centre of the universe. Heck, I got a C- on my Math final last semester, it wasn't a fault of the prof, I just wasn't prepared (I was holding a B average before the final), I got A's and stuff in all my other classes just that one final I wasn't prepared for and screwed up majority, I accepted it I didn't complain, I earned that mark after all. They need to learn they aren't the centre of the universe and what they do has consequences (like me and my uni studies). They know full well what they are doing and have the mental capacity to comprehend that what they are doing will have to consequences. You can tell them and try to persuade them to not do something but at the end of the day it's what they do that really matters.

At least you're active and not a bystander who stands by and lets their friends get possibly killed, good on you. I wouldn't have a problem playing with you but as for your friends.... good luck getting them verified is all I can say, Age Reps will refuse to verify them if they have a sketchy feeling about them (like they're going to do retarded things even though they may be 18+). It's happened before with one guy (underage at the time of the incident) being banned forever and wanting to be verified when he got of age (I don't know the full story but all I know is the Age Reps refused to verify him).

A lot of the people here in the uni know about airsoft. When they talk about airsoft I just smile and leave the room. When they ask me about my BDU's and shit I tell them I play "Asian Paintball" (a lot of the times omitting the Asian part) (I store my AEG at my teammates place). I haven't told them that I play airsoft (cause I don't want them to know I play with the "big boy" guns from Asia) I'm content with them wasting their money on their crapsoft from CT I just hope they don't get their hands on Cansoft. They are retarded as hell too, so being 18+ doesn't make you automatically smart. Something tells me your friends will be refused verification.

Wow..... That was a long rant. I'm pretty bored right now actually so if I went on some weird tangent then I'm sorry. To sum it up (the TLDR version);

- inform Law Enforcement, I believe there is a law against discharging air rifles (and firearms) within city limits in areas that are not zoned for such use, so jail time (or at least a fine) will likely be a reality (I say try to detach yourself from being "the snitch" you're NOT a snitch in any way, you're just trying to protect your friends, just be a "concerned citizen" in the area hearing something like "firearms or air rifles being discharged or gunfire")

EDIT: Call the Non emergency line when you do this. I'm sure the police have bigger things to worry about and it frees up the line for "real emergencies".

- tell them they are fucking retarded and try to deter them before they get in a sticky situation
- they've painted the receiver black so they probably know full well what they are doing
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