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Kids in the US litterally got shot and died for that....and I dont think you wanna die at 16 for that.... And the parents will be reponsible for that,they bought them, since minors should be supervised by adults when using airsoft guns.....( it is stamped on the side of most clear guns, and in the instruction manual....

There is a thread called " underage airsoft and you" here on Asc....

I talked about 4 months ago to a police officier about that, and he told me that if we were caught playing with " bb guns" in a public area, like a park, neighborhood, ( on public property) they would confiscate the guns, and maybe, in the worst case, have us arrested, or bring us to the police station.... ( and one of us could get shot)....

So dont do it, or at least go in a forest, away from houses, to play, because alot of people freak out ,even if its a clear plastic gun...

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