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Exclamation OMG... Airsoft in the streets

Well here is the problem:
Some of my friends came up with a great idea to play airsoft in the streets of Calgary in about a week. They apperently have done this once before at night and didnt get caught. So there will be 6 to 10, 15/16 year olds running around with Krakens, and Broxa's (which are all spray painted black), in front of people's houses and at a public park. :banghead:

So I tried to talk them out of it but they wont listen. They say that "No one goes outside in that neighborhood", and "Nothing happened last time so nothing is going to happen this time".....

I really need some concrete information to help convince them that this is a bad idea. Laws against airsoft in public areas, video's of people who got caught by the police, anything that would help change their minds. I just got to get them to realize what the consequences of their actions could be.
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