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Battle Orders to close 6th Feb, massive sale now on

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Every day the news is pretty much the same about the economy and to the untrained eye it may look like Airsoft has suffered itís first casualty however thatís not the case here.

Battle Orders Ltd have been around for longer than I can remember and have been hit hard by all the latest legislation (such as the VCRA). As a result the are hosting a closing down sale and expect to close on the 6th of Feb:
Battle Orders will close as of 6th February 2009. Many items are now just one only.

There is some good news. Andy Lawrence, the Manager of Battle Orders, will be continuing with a range of products not affected by the V.C.R. Act, that’s Arms and Armour, Western Guns and edged weapons. (Battle Orders Ltd)

The following is a statement that they have posted on their website:
Dear Valued Customer

In my 35 years as Managing Directors of Battle Orders, this is the most difficult letter Iíve had to write. Battle Orders will cease trading by early in 2009 or once stocks are cleared. Its a bitter blow for me and I’m sure many a customer such as yourself. I believe you deserve an explanation. Its not the Credit crunch, that’s difficult of course for us all. Business remains reasonably steady here at Battle Orders. Its quite simply the Law or Actually the "LAWS". Over the past few years so many laws been put in place and vigorously applied. The effect is catastrophic for legitimate businesses such as Battle Orders. We’ve being asked, in effect,to police and take responsibility for individuals who wish to circumvent and break these Laws. Frankly here at Battle Orders weíre just not able to do this with any certainty that we are not also breaking the Law. So sadly its time to cease Trading. Battle Orders plan an orderly retreat. No new stock as of October 2008 is being purchased As it sells, the stock will not be replaced. So it really is a case of First Come First and Finally Served!! So whatever your interest is I suggest you try and buy it now. Finally and simply thank you for you custom and good luck in the future with your chosen hobby.

Graham Barton (MD, Battle Orders Ltd)

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