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King Arms: New products overview

From Airsoft

Another long and interesting update from King Arms, courtesy of Mark. Click Read for complete news article:Hi all,Hope you guys enjoyed the last update about M7A1 DE, we just got some new items reached our warehouse and I would like to share them with you all. Iam pretty sure there is something you guys have been waiting for.CASV-M Handguard Set- BK CASV-M Handguard Set - ODCASV-M Handguard Set - DEThis is the second version of our CASV handguard, the CASV-M handguard. Three threaded inserts and QD sling swivel sockets have been added on both side of handguard so users can modify their beloved AEG as the way they wanted. You can also add a short rail or flip up front sight at the space on the upper front of the handguard. Comes with all markings and you can fit a 1700mAh 9.6V battery in there no problem. Available in BK, DE, and OD color.
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