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Viking runs a 1911...I think Nierbee does too (but he always seems to have a different pistol each time...). Disco Dante shoots one too.

It's completely good and very competitive to shoot the 1911 at CAPS.

I want to put the Hicapa thing to's the person and not the tool that makes a good shooter.

One of our best shooters used to shoot with a crap-tastic G26 until it broke...then borrowed a stock loaner KSC/KJW? G19 to go all the way to the steel challenge finals at the Year End Tournament. Thank god he doesn't come out to a lot of events...we'd all be getting whupped by a hawiian-shirt taped-together-shoe kid.

The possible downside with the that it's single action only and so falls into the Standard class division and runs against a lot of Hicapa's. While the slim mags don't suffer as badly with 10 rounds as they would with full mag rapid firing...there's still a deviation from 1st to 10th shot. More so with the 1911 mags vs. 5.1 hicapa mags...exacerbated by rapid firing. BUT...that's only a downside if you think it's a downside....

Illusion does have a 2011/hicapa's a serious problem. We're very concerned for his mental, financial and physical well-being.
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