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I would hold off and attempt to expand that budget more before purchasing anything.
How much more budget expansion? Enough so that your not buying from buyairsoft.
Unfortunetly it sounds like its to late and youve already made your purchase.

Originally Posted by Rainman416 View Post
Hi all,
Can it be upgraded sufficiently to make it to field ready status or should I sell it online for an upgrade?
Is it possible that the same G&G model from another site is better or are all the models within each company made the same.
What do you mean by field ready status? As long as it fires it should technically be considered field ready.

It was previously explained in another thread that G&G essentially has three tiers of quality when it comes to these new guns. The ones buyairsoft sells would be the bottom of the barrel. Although they are the lowest they still are not that bad, a little preventative maintenance and you should be fine. Once you recieve your item have a local gun smith check it over, give it a reshim and a regrease. If its within your budget replace the spring guide with a quality bearing spring guide as well. Its been noted that G&G doesnt have the best quality gears, so gear replacement down the road could be a consideration, but I will leave that up to you.

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