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Originally Posted by Darklen View Post
You're Age Verified, so you have access to the retailers section. Feel free to contect one of them to see what they can do you you. New black guns come in all the time, you just have to be AV'd to get access to them here.
Ah.. k but so are they gonna be importing through illegal ways, or with a BFL?

Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
When end users WERE allowed to import airsoft, Classic Army didn't even exist...
oh lol XD so that means either ppl are still smuggling them in or someone has a BFL?O_O

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
I said people are still bringing new guns into Canada despite the legal situation.

The lack of new TM G36s in the market is more likely the result of competition from other brands. Less and less people ask for them, so fewer are imported.
tru tru JG is kinda comprimising it haha...

one more question... I don't understand the 407 fps thing...
so at 407 they become airguns... soo... do you need a PAL? or is that for only airguns over 500
but u have to pay shipping and chrono fees right
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