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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Brian W sells the fixed sights..
Then you cannot be in the production division.

Or you can shoot Open and save yourself the trouble and buy one of Brian W's custom Hicapa.
From my understanding, he can't be in the Production Division regardless of whether he has the stock sights or an aftermarket open sight. 1911 and 2011 pistols are banned from that division due to the level of modification they are capable, plus ease of shooting and other major competitive advantages they have over other guns such as Sigs, Glocks, etc.

All 1911s and 2011s automatically shoot in Standard Division. Internally, you can have them modded to huge performance advantages - none of them can be checked on the range without taking apart the entire gun and taking calipers to the parts. The shooter may not even have to spend a single cent outside of the initial purchase of the gun to modify it to markedly increased levels of performance.
To ease the burden of checking guns, these pistols in particular are automatically considered "Standard Division" pistols.

Although technically, all pistols can get some pretty extreme trigger jobs performed, the amount of work that a Sig or Glock requires is too much for most shooters and even 'smiths to consider. And the shooters that do try it end up screwing up the job and end up with a full-auto pistol or a paperweight.

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