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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
but 16cm is only 6.2 inches, that's not that bad, the overall length is only 10 inches!, and no internal upgrades either, just grips and engraving maybe
We were improperly defining the classes before. It's not defined by barrel length, it's defined by overall pistol size.

Even if you had a 5" outer barrel, the box would prevent the use of most cocking levers, optics and also limits shooters from having a bucket as an 'enlarged mag well'....

In Hong Kong, before they started following IPSC rules, they were making their own classifications for the divisions and they generally allowed 6" outer barrels in to Standard Division. This is where the initial idea stemmed from, but upon further discussion, that idea was nixxed. The reason why it was even considered was because there were many clubs in Hong Kong that allowed 6" guns. The new ruling will change the game, and although there will be some complainers, the shooters and their guns will eventually adapt.

For the sake of uniformity and to remove that slight performance edge, the IPSC rule pushes pretty much all 6" barrel pistols in to Open Division (unless you have a very short or strangely shaped grip & receiver...)

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