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Tippmann used to make (way back) a Sten box mag fed paintball gun that shot smaller rounds. In terms of closeness to real guns in the operation a co2/hpa blowback marker functions more like a real firearm then an AEG. If nothing else only because it uses compression to cycle (reload and fire) like a carbine not a mechbox this is also seen in the distinct crack made by some paintball guns compared to the sound of an AEG (the obvious exception being GBB's). The only deviation with paintball is its hard as hell to make a 68 cal marker look realistic due to the amount of air required to cycle and shoot them, the space required to store the paintballs and that the barrel opening is like a howitzer comparatively. Now what would I rather play? Airsoft is the answer; the accuracy is what does it for me.

I owned one of those tippmanns, it was full auto and fed by a stripper clip system. the co2 was screwed on the back and it shot .62 caliber balls
the size of the ball just didnt take off, and a lot of the people running paintball chose not to develope anything that looked milsim.

its left up to people to make it as real as possible in terms of looks. as far as accuracy goes, there is none beyond 100feet so most battles take place pretty close. learning how to snapshoot and use cover is important.

most of the players in milsim paintball are switching to the use of the tac cap(30rounds) or to the ats mag fed or milsig magfed markers, while they are not 1to1 replicas of m4 they do the job intended, which is limit the paint carried by the gun. in terms of realism, it is pretty close to a real loadout ammo count

paintball fields dont like people that use minimal paint because they make money selling the paint, they always smile and encourage the use of fast guns and large hoppers. but as the sport evolves who knows what will happen.
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