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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
the inner barrel is 16cm I believe
That's about equivalent to a 7" inner barrel on a Hi-Capa.

Combined with the rest of the pistol, your setup most likely won't fit in to "the box" that allows pistols to shoot in Standard Division. You'd have to shoot in Open Division.

A handgun in its ready condition (See Section 8.1), but unloaded but without an empty magazine inserted must fit wholly within the confines of a box which has internal dimensions of 225mm x 150mm x 45mm (tolerance of +1 mm, -0 mm).
Additionally, magazines may not extend 20mm from the end of the pistol's grip (not from the magwell... from the GRIP.)

These are rules still not yet made concrete, but are already under discussion and on their way to be implemented in the IPSC Action Air rulebook.

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