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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
IN FACT...all the "tuned" Hicapas there last night (my own included) shot less accurately than the stock pistols. Driver error might have been a significant factor...but there was a lot of sighting in (and where'd my front sight go?) on the part of 2/3rds of the "race" guns.

Those who are fact based will note...that a shooter with a race pistol did indeed sweep the head-to-head match...

Whether they want to say that it was because of the pistol or because of the's all win-win...
Nuts to that, I'm gonna stick with "we had bad luck" haha. Also having my fibre sight get loose and fall off in the middle of our match was harsh "Where the hell's my front red dot???"

I do agree with what Brian M says though, leave it stock. It'll perform pretty damn well, and won't really give you any troubles. If you really want to upgrade your pistol for CAPS then I suggest getting two. Leave one stock, and use that for the matches until you get your other one up to speed. At the same time though, upgrade your other one and work out all the kinks that'll occur. From my experience, shooting stock is good then when you start adding "upgrades" your gun gets worse. Only after spending countless nights tinkering and cursing will you get your pistol from shooting from good -> crap -> great. Look at Illusion's Open pistol, it's taken him the better part of 2 years to work out all the kinks and he's still tinkering away at it.

I wonder if I yell louder at my pistol maybe it'll start working better...

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