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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
IN FACT...all the "tuned" Hicapas there last night (my own included) shot less accurately than the stock pistols. Driver error might have been a significant factor...but there was a lot of sighting in (and where'd my front sight go?) on the part of 2/3rds of the "race" guns.

Those who are fact based will note...that a shooter with a race pistol did indeed sweep the head-to-head match...

Whether they want to say that it was because of the pistol or because of the's all win-win...
I sucked balls last night, I'm still not used to the red dot, and it almost busted out again! I still want a re-match, I was pretty close with you..
I can get the close poppers, but when I try to shoot poppers on left or right side of the room, I can't hit it. I wish I had those laser bore sighters thingy where you stick the laser in the barrel and it will be easier to adjust the reflex sight.

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