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Originally Posted by Doc1987 View Post
G&G's are good, really good stock internals. BUT, the gears blow. every G&G stock gear i had went within the first few months. my last one out of my RK-47 stripped 8 teeth all at once.
Really? I've been running a G&G GR16 Light carbine since May now on a LiPo with stock gears and have yet to come across any issues. I can be pretty heavy on the trigger to boot.

I would highly recommend G&G guns to anyone looking for a good quality gun at an affordable price. Finish is nice, internals are quite good, and they've always proven to be reliable. The only issue I've had would be motor contacts disconnecting on me but that's easily remedied with a pair of pliers or some solder if you don't open it up too often.
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