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Originally Posted by Neil_N View Post
Well thatís the end of it as far as Iím concerned then if CDN_Stalker says its shit, its most likely shit.
Good man! Ya, those things have been around for about 4 years now, the guy had bought it, had it for about 6 months, Foxtail ran it through it's paces off his back deck, total shit and even chronied badly, I couldn't believe it, Feb 2007 he gave it to me to check out, maybe take apart and see if anything useful in there, compatible, never did, it sat in my basement for a good year and a half I was so disgusted by it, never even got past taking the to cover off it to see the mechbox. I have no idea it the hop up unit and mechbox can be replaced with good parts, be interesting if it could, but outside biuld on the AK was quite good. I guess Tippman (or whomever designed/manufactured it) never tried out good AEGs, so they just found something that shot 6mm BBs and offered the world candy coated shit.
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