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Avoid at all costs!!! They are the worse POS airsoft guns out there, even clearsoft is better. I had a guy's Tippman AK 47 here for a while, many complaints about it so I checked it out. Literally shot around 200fps with 0.20g BBs and no hop up on. At 30ft in my basement wasn't that bad, about the same as my Crosman shotgun. Dial in some hop up, you can start to see even light BBs (including .12g) start to fall to the floor after about 20ft of airtime. Chronied close to 40fps, and as you might have seen in someone's sig a quote from me........ "I can throw a pen through a chrony faster than that!"

And they DO have a mechbox, it's clear plastic.

If you want a cheap wall hanger or a good cheap gun to play airsoft in your basement, that would be a good choice. If you want it for your backyard, unless you live in an apartment, don't bother.
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