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Originally Posted by sekuda View Post
My parents are alittle skeptical of airsoft. Even after my times of listing the pro's to con's they're still following the Why Shoot with guns? Why not play paintball instead. (I like the milsim of airsoft way to much and the realistic guns) and they watch the news to much, so the mass media has kinda influenced them whether they believe it or not.

I could most likely convince them to bring me to some kind of game to see, and yes of course I have a mask :P. If a paintball one will work. If not I can always buy another one.
Any paintball approved goggles will work at any field. You should bring a parent out to the game, I'm sure they will understand.
You can't judge something where you haven't tried it.
Give it a shot. There are a few of underage members on this forum that can participate in events too, well trusted, and earned their way of being there like myself.
You started off on this forum right, and your attitude shows you have a better chance getting into the games.
Meet up with the hosts, have talks and meet with the players there, and I'm sure it will get you closer.

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