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Almost Old Enough for Airsoft

Okay so I'm 16 right now, almost 17. So that means one more year before I can finally start buying/upgrading and enjoying the great sport of Airsoft. Right now I currently have a stock Kraken Ak-47. No work has been done on it, no new batteries, same charger it came with.....Absolutely nothing changed.

My goals for when I'm 18 is to have the gear required to start playing airsoft. (Bear minimum stuff) My question is, should I bother upgrading the Kraken I have now or look to buying a new airsoft gun when I'm 18. I've found someone that can possibly do the modifications for me (so I don't screw up the Kraken) for $230 in total.

This is a message that I recieved from him awhile back about the modification Pricing:

-modify 110 spring ( should shoot in the 395-405 fps range) 15$
- Guarder air seal nozzle 15$
-Modify ball bering CNC aluminuim piston head 20$
-Guarder black hop up rubber with nub 10$
-Guarder stainless steel 6 mm bushings 20$
-Prometheus piston 50$
-CNC aluminum cylinder head with impact absorbing sorbothane pad 25$
All missing is a ball bering steel spring guide but i will order one. 15$

Now what I will do is open up the gun and clean up the box, reshim ( most important part) and re grease with high quality superlube. all the parts will be instaled and I will test it out.

Should take about 3 hours of labor @ 20$/hour

so in total 170$ in parts and 60$ in labor so it comes up to a total of 230$.

So really my question is, is this worth it. Or would I be better off to go buy a new gun. (Im looking to just be able to play on a field with other airsofters.)

P.S. I still need to contact him to see if he can still do this for me.
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