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Originally Posted by BlackRain View Post
Paintball in it's inception was started first as woodsball.... a bunch of guys having at each other in what ever camo they could find playing capture the flag. As the sport evolved the challenges changed and speedball was born as well as the development of scenario games for woodsball players. Speedball became......
Keeping this in mind, does paintball really have to meet real-steel standards? I understand why anyone who is serious about mil-simming would dislike the CO2/hopper's bulging from the sides. When you state that you don't like it, thats from an airsofter's perspective. IIRC (correct me if I'm wrong here) airsoft was started in Japan due to the laws that prohibited the ownership of firearms. Firearms enthusiasts created airsoft to allow them to have "guns" without breaking the law.

Hence should the two sports be held to the same standards? If this is taken from the mil-sim perspective, paintball is absolutely ruining everything with it's ugly... no fugly attempts at replicas (I hate the old Tippmans so much... I'm sorry but I do). But from an each-their-own perspective looks shouldn't matter should they? It's like getting a 4-door saloon, taking it to the track for a bit of fun on the weekend, and complaining that it couldn't over take the Porche in a million years. Just my O...
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