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Yep, was referring to you. I don't care much for paintballers who show off their M16's, etc without a gas tank and hopper attached. If you're going to show off, show what's real, not what is trying to look like airsoft (IMO).

As for your project: as long as you don't use those stupid looking air-hopper feeder tube thingamabobbers. Those look even dumber than a paintballer in full multicam BDU's with pink paint splattered on his chest.

duely noted, as for the glory shot, the marker was shot like that because I dont load the marker until I'm ready to play, when I take a picture of it, its safe. at no time do I attach a tank to the back of the gun.
the compressed air tank is mounted on my back in a specialized pouch.
the air gets to the gun via an air line, that is camoflauged by a multicam cover. as for the loader, I do use a streamline version of the hopper and it is on top of the gun in the 2nd pic.
however, there is a smaller version of the loader called a tac cap, when mounted it looks like nothing more than a small cylinder attached to the side of the gun, and carries 30 rounds.
here is another pic of me using the a5 and one of my new project.

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