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Not really a newbie but I've been out of the game for a whlie: Info on Thompson M1A1

Hi there,

I sold off all my airsoft guns many years ago and got my PAL. I've built up quite a collection of firearms since then. I used to go to Tru Lai's place when he was down off Jalna here in London to buy rifles and I remember when I was telling him about getting out of airsoft ownership he said I would be back into it for one reason: you can't shoot a firearm in your house. I think he was right because now I feel the need for a nice Thompson M1A1 to fire at cans out at my parents' farm when I go to visit.

Since I've left the forums so many years ago things have obviously changed (legally and otherwise) and I don't even remember all of the online retailers I used to buy from and the ones that used to exist don't always seem to be around like they used to. It seems, from what I see, that Cansoft has replaced the guns of the olden days and I am disheartened that the age-verification was retro-active and now I can't get into the old buy and sell.

I wanted to check before I even thought about going to the trouble of this age-verification thing if what I wanted was even still available.

Is it still possible to get a "full colored" Thompson new? Used? Is Tokyo Marui still the best way to go? What are the prices of these particular guns right now generally?

Thanks for your help. I know this board is much more firey than Canadian Gun Nutz so I have my flame retardant suit zipped up tightly.

у нас в рязани грибы с глазами их едят они глядят

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