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Originally Posted by 5udhir View Post
hello, i have a few questions about getting my aftermath tm clone mp5j ready for gaming at TTACCC.

-Since the max fps allowed is 350(according to website) what ype of spring should i get to keep me around 300-310? Please keep in mind that i want to install a new piston head(sorbo-pad type from and a tightbore barrel.
-Could somebody also recommend a tight-bore? the length of the mp5j barrel is 229mm.
-Another thing i want to upgrade is the gears, i want a torque-up gearset(helical) because i read that helical gears are more silent. will this give me a higher rof?(even though full auto is not allowedat TTACCC)
-Also a recommendation of a battery voltage and mah rating would help(the one it came with is 8.4v,1100mah)

I still have more questions

-How do I go about completing the first level of training/classes at TTACCC? Is there a fee? I understand you need this to play at TTACCC.

-What are the mag capacity limits for mp5's there? I have a 50round mag, but I read that only 30round mags are allowed. But somebody also told me that they do not make 30round mags for mp5s.

I guess thats it for now, thanks in advance for your help.
1. What MP5J do you have right now a TM? If so that should be shooting at ~280 fps, a tightbore, new piston head and perhaps a ball bearing spring guide should put you up into the 300 fps range

If it's a JG, you're probably shooting past 350 fps, the last few I've worked on have been shooting at 370-390 fps.

2. As for a tightbore, the new Madbull barrels aren't bad and quite economical too. I like Systema/Prometheus but they're a bit more expensive.

3. Helical gears are quieter yes but require you shim the gears well (which may be difficult for a novice). No gears or any dampening you try to do to your MP5 will make it quiet please keep that in mind. Torque up gears are not necessary for low fps springs, only beneficial when you're pushing a higher fps spring. They also lower ROF compared to standard ratio, high speed gears increase ROF but they should only be used with medium strength springs.

4. If you put your battery in the hand guard (in the front) you're limited to minis and the maximum capacity of 1500-1600mAh. Depending on your foregrip you might be limited to 8.4V batteries, I know my CA flashlight foregrip does not let me use 9.6V batteries because there's not enough space.

5. Classes are not required to play at TTAC3.

6. As you now know they do make 30 round mags for MP5s but just load your mags to say 33-34 rounds and you're set. I use low cap mags myself and just load them to real capacity.

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