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getting prepped 4 TTACCC (toronto)

hello, i have a few questions about getting my aftermath tm clone mp5j ready for gaming at TTACCC.

-Since the max fps allowed is 350(according to website) what ype of spring should i get to keep me around 300-310? Please keep in mind that i want to install a new piston head(sorbo-pad type from and a tightbore barrel.
-Could somebody also recommend a tight-bore? the length of the mp5j barrel is 229mm.
-Another thing i want to upgrade is the gears, i want a torque-up gearset(helical) because i read that helical gears are more silent. will this give me a higher rof?(even though full auto is not allowedat TTACCC)
-Also a recommendation of a battery voltage and mah rating would help(the one it came with is 8.4v,1100mah)

I still have more questions

-How do I go about completing the first level of training/classes at TTACCC? Is there a fee? I understand you need this to play at TTACCC.

-What are the mag capacity limits for mp5's there? I have a 50round mag, but I read that only 30round mags are allowed. But somebody also told me that they do not make 30round mags for mp5s.

I guess thats it for now, thanks in advance for your help.
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