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Originally Posted by ox71 View Post
you talkin ta me? because there is a shot of it in action, and there is no tank stickin out the back. your right about the loader though, my newest gun project will take care of that. you see I have airsoft to thank for providing me with the parts I needed to make a boxmag fed paintball gun,
Yep, was referring to you. I don't care much for paintballers who show off their M16's, etc without a gas tank and hopper attached. If you're going to show off, show what's real, not what is trying to look like airsoft (IMO).

As for your project: as long as you don't use those stupid looking air-hopper feeder tube thingamabobbers. Those look even dumber than a paintballer in full multicam BDU's with pink paint splattered on his chest.
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