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G&G M4 CQB - Good buy for first timer?

Please let me preface this with an introductory "hello" everyone at Airsoft Canada.

Now lets get on to brass tax. I've been looking around at Canadian online retailers for AEGs. The M4 CQB from ( seems like great value for money based on my newbie eyes.

I've seen in some other posts that there are quality differences between the G&G M4 sold by 007Airsoft and the one sold by I think it was Mach1 Airsoft. I was wondering if anyone knows which version the M4 is.

This package seems to include everything I need to begin playing airsoft in a real game.

Would anyone familiar with this specific AEG or brand recommend it to a first time airsoft player?

I also welcome any other suggestions if this is not the best route to take for a first timer.

One a side note, I wish I could be age verified without going out to a game. I would really like to see the used marketplace to see if I can find something better in the used market. Oh well. Rules are rules.
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