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TM Hicapa 5.1 hands down.

#1 Join CAPS
- keep your eyes peeled for the qualifier sessions...their posted along with the practices in the Games/Events Ontario section. They're usually tagged in Brian M's "This week at TTAC3"...or there might be a separate thread (depends on who sets it up).
- You must PM in advance with your full name so we can prepare the range/qualification badges. That CAPS ID tag is your passport to all CAPS events....don't have it = you can't shoot the matches/tournaments. There's too many people that come out to these events to remember everyone's names/faces (although we try! )

#2 Don't sweat the gear/pistols/etc...
You need
- shooting/protective glasses
- $25
- enough smarts to learn what you'll be taught

Ideally you have the following as well:
- belt mounted holster (drop legs are not permitted)
- pistol (GBB only, no EBB/NBB)
- 2 magazines
- bbs
- gas

Don't sweat it if you don't think you have everything. Confirm attendance, post up what you don't have and we'll do our best to cover you off for the qualifier.

Appetite optional...we usually spring for food at the QS.

There is a complete CAPS forum, where all the rules, additional info, stats, etc.....are posted. We will NOT be reposting the rules here.
Want to know what CAPS is all about...JOIN NOW.
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