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I can only recommend the TM Hi-Capa 2011 line of pistols, not only because of their huge gas reservoirs, but because of the endless number of upgrades possible.

Then again... I'm extremely biased... but I suppose the variety in my collection is proof to that last statement.

In any case, if you break a part, chances are, you can get a replacement.

In Hong Kong and most of Asia and all other countries doing "Action Air" or "Action Shooting" (the new names as coined by IPSC), the 2011 type pistol is the most dominant pistol you will see on the scene, comprising of about 90% of all pistols on the scene.

In the past, Western Arms 2011 pistols ruled the scene with no exception, but they have been phased out by Tokyo Marui thanks to a better hop up design, cheaper upgrades, cheaper magazines, and TONS more easily accessible and replaceable parts. In fact, out of the box, the 2011 type pistol has so many advantages, that it is not even allowed to shoot in the Production Division and has to automatically step up to the Standard Division.

It doesn't really matter the length, whether you get the 4.3 or the 5.1. It's not hard to convert the gun to either/or. It just depends where you want to start off with, especially if your budget is tight. The 5.1 does have a *slightly* larger magazine with an extended magazine bumper, but the 4.3 magazine is still better than most other GBB mags out there.

Also, consider that the 5.1 comes with ambi safety levers, whereas the 4.3 is single-sided. There are times in IPSC when you'll need to shoot with the left hand, and it may be faster to unlock the pistol from that hand.

Buy that Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa. And then afterwards, give me money for upgrades.

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