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Which M4 is good in 2009?

Hi all. After years of casually lurking ASC, I've finally decided to get my feet wet and create an account so that I can ask some questions before buying my first gun.

My first experience with Airsoft was about 10 years ago when my friend showed me a silver all metal shotgun he brought back from Hong Kong. That blew my mind, and then he brought out his full auto Tokyo Marui MP5. I had to excuse myself so that I could go change my underwear after I unloaded the first clip.

As cool as it was, I couldn't justify spending that kind of money on what would essentially be a wall hanger for me.

Fast forward 10 years: I'm no longer a student and now have more disposable income to dump in to a hobby and hopefully find a way to get outside and get some exercise rather than sit in front of a computer all the time.

I've always been a great fan of M4's and all the different types they have. For years, I've always had my eye on Tokyo Marui, and Tokyo Marui was always the recommended beginner's gun - but now there are so many nice guns out there and so many manufacturers. I know each manufacturer has their ups and downs. I'm totally lost on who the good brands are, or even where to get them now. All the links I get from Google are for shops in the US or some in Hong Kong.

I'm aware I can't import guns - I'm age verified now, so I'd like to get a gun - I just can't figure out which M4 to get!

Tokyo Marui, as far as I understand it is still the standard, and they even have that sweet new SOPMOD coming out.

I'm not so sure about all of these China brand guns and Classic Army, but their prices definitely look interesting. However, I'm after something reliable and won't break down on me in the short run. I'd like a high durability and very LOW chance of failure.

The Systema PTWs look like the bees knees, but from all the various threads I've read, look to be a bit higher maintenance. I could afford something like that, but like a hot supermodel trophy girlfriend, I wouldn't want to treat her delicately either. I want to be able to USE the gun.

The KSC ones look pretty decent... metal, Lithium-Polymer friendly and all at a good price. Sounds like a good compromise...

What do you guys think? Which M4 would you recommend your buddies to get? Once that's narrowed down, which retailers do you recommend to purchase from?
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