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Jeff at Capital Airsoft is a great guy to deal with in PM so he's probably an even greater guy to deal with in person. Don't know if you're anywhere near him though. (He is in Edmonton).

Not sure if he does verification but he should be able to point you in the right direction.

Also check out Edmonton Airsoft (EAR) and Joint Operations Calgary (JOC).

Mach1 airsoft, Mopic, Shootsoft, and 007 all do sales outside of this forum although being Age Verified helps a lot. Any online seller affiliated with this forum you'll get quality stuff from. If they're not affiliated with this forum you're usually getting "crapsoft".

As for the Canadian Tire/Walmart stuff, if you are going to be plinking (shooting paper targets or pop cans in the backyard/basement) they're great, but I'd like to stress that they're NOT field worthy.
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