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CRW update for 12 Jan 09: M11 GBB, A&K AGM M4 short

From Arnie's Airsoft:

CRW Airsoft have sent in their update for:
Dear Editor,

CRW now have many new stock of M4 shorty.* China first GBB SMG, M11A1 by Well now in stock. CRW Update 12 Jan 09:

1)RK-03 AKS-74 real wood by Kalash
2)RK-05 AK-74M folding stock by Kalash
3)RK-12 SLR106UR by Kalash/DBOY
4)M16A4 CQB compact Full metal by AGM 035
5)M4 CQB Full metal by AGM 036!
6)M16A4 socom Full metal by AGM 037
7)Metal M203 with 3in1 mount by Dboy (long)
8 )Metal M203 with 3in1 mount by Dboy (short)
9)M4A1 Gas Blow Back (marking version) by WE
10)M4A1 Gas Blow Back (no marking) by WE
11)Leather MP5 Magazine Pouch by TGC
12)SAS CRW 80’s tactical Vest by TGC
13)SAS Leather SF belt replica by TGC
14)M4 PMC by A&K1676
15)M4SD shorty by A&K 1674
16)M4 shorty with front sight by A&K 1673
17)M11A1 GBB by Well G11

Regards Eddie, (Director, CRW Airsoft)

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