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UN Company updates for 12012009

From Arnie's Airsoft:

UN Company have sent in their updates for 12012009:

WA M4-M16A4 Sniper Gas BlowBack Rifle (WA-ARAW) Facing this cold windy winter climate it may be a nice chance for airsoft player to play outdoor with full combat gear and powerful AEG at hand for enjoying their wargame with their crew. And there is a lot of newly launched item from different manufacturers of many countries. Again I have selected one from the Western Arms Brand and you all may have seldom see it before. Therefore I would like to take this chance to introduce it to you all. I hope you would like it.

This AEG is sold in black colour. The AEG can be shoot at about 50 Rounds with mm Bullets. So this is the standard magazine capacity of the Gun. The Overall Length is 965mm. It can enhance you to hold in arm firmly with great confidence. The System is MAGNA Gas Blow Back with Semi/Full Auto Mode which allow you to choose at your choice. Besides the Hop Up System is Adjustable. Together with the Muzzle Velocity ranges from 250 to 280 FPS with 0.2g BB and Marui 134a Gas whereas 330 to 350 FPS with 0.2g BB and Top Gas. The Package includes a Gun, a Magazine, a Manual and a Box.

  • Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer Receiver
  • Metal Outer Barrel
  • Western Arms Bulls Eye Barrel Set
  • Authentic Appearance Bolt Carrier / Bolt (Loading Nozzle)
  • Realistic Field Stripping
  • Metal Bolt Carrier
  • Metal Float Handguard / Metal Stock
  • Functional Forward Assist Button
  • Empty Firing Mode will hold bolt open with empty magazine
Also there is many relative products from the similar collection of items which is suitable for them when shooting with the AEG. They are the KA-TG-21-BK which is sold at USD$ 32, WA M4 50R Gas Magazine which is sold at USD$ 104, WA M4 Speed Bolt Set which is sold at USD$ 86, Pro Win Valve Lock for WA Gas Blow Back M4 which is sold at USD$ 18, G&P WA M4 Hammer Set which is sold at USD$ 59, G&P M4A1 Carbine Metal Body for WA M4 which is sold at USD$ 180, G&P WA M4 Metal Hop Up Chamber Set which is sold at USD$ 50. With this complete set of accessories for you I think you would like it. Furthermore the Total Weight is 3000g. Finally the Special Promotional Price is USD$ 762. I think it is worth the price.

I hope you all would like the brief review for the above AEG and would browse at our web site at (UN Company)

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