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Iv played paintball for about 6 years now, still play alot, i mostly play speedball, I compete a bit, Im playing a local tournament tomorow actually. For the mostpart, the community of airsofting allot better. In paintball fourms most of them are all kids, whos parents buy them all their stuff and just run their mouth. When you try and sell something on a paintball forum, you can say (550 firm no trades) and you will stell get lots of offers like 500 shipped or a dm6 plus cash. From my experiences trades have all gone good for me here, also alot less chance of being scammed with the age verification.
Iv never competed in airsoft, however in paintball the players attitudes are horrible. Almost everybody wipes hits, everyone accuses everyone of cheating, people overshoot ect, however i imagine in airsoft people are more mature and honorable.
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