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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
The problem isn't you giving information or advice. The problem is you giving wrong information or bad advice.

For example:

What do you think those we're doing? Giving fake advice? Saying a < $200 gun is a piece of shit and not worth the money isn't fake advice. It's fact.

There is if you want to play airsoft.

Wrong. Any gun that costs less than $200 will shoot like shit. You're assuming. We know from experience.

We have lived and learned. Now we're sharing that knowledge so others don't have to.

Correct, but laying down $190 for a piece of shit isn't any better. At leats a $700 AEG will last more than 500 rounds. If hey lays down $190 for a piece of shit, he'll have to spend $400 on a good AEG when the POS inevitably breaks. Total cost: $590. If he spends $400 on a good AEG from the start, total cost: $400. We're cutting out the middle man and trying to save the fellow a couple hundred of his hard earned cash.

Maybe uninformed newbies like you shouldn't give advice about something you know nothing about.
So flaming is allowed in the newbie tank now? another reason why mr. hard core veteran here should stay out of this section...

P.S I've had a $100 airsoft gun for 2 years now, fired thousands of rounds through it....still works great.
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