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Originally Posted by Omemee1 View Post
I'm sorry, where do you get your info from again?
This is exactly what the newbie tank is not for. Just because you have a low post count and recent join date doesn't mean you can spew this kind of crap.

Succinctly, I get my info from discussions, observation and actual orders.

Originally Posted by Omemee1 View Post
I'm Omemee1. Now this is the newbie tank is it not?, lets give the new starters of airsoft some real advice, theres nothing wrong with buying a $200 gun, I'm sure it will shoot just fine, even if it only last 6 months and has no upgradable parts, who live and learn, he obviously doesn't have $700 to lay down on a high end aeg, maybe you "veterans" should stay out of the newbie tank...
No, it's not.

If you can't see why investing a decent amount of money in a gun (300+ used, 400+ new) and a few hundred in gear (which you need, full stop. Unless your idea of milsim is running arounf in blue jean and a t-shirt, sporting sexy Crossman shooting glasses and having no extra mags), leave. Go play paintball or something.

Oh, and a 200$ gun lasting 6 months of real use? Yeah, right.

As for the veteran out of the newbie tank thing, this section of the board was not setup to let the stupid lead the blind, It's a place for people to ask questions that might not get a warm reception elsewhere in the forum.

These questions get you flamed in other sections because as far as I care to remember they have been asked 3-4 times a week.

However, this section will not be allowed to turn into a support group for kids wanting to play with Canadian Tire and Walmart guns.
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