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I enjoy airsoft more because of the more mature player and the community that we've built ourselves around.

I can pretty much go anywhere in Canada and meet airsofters who are cool guys. Hey, it happened here in Alberta, I pretty much didn't know anyone before I came to school here and now I'm great friends with one of the other players here. It's like a fraternity except the thing that holds us together is our love of "playing army man" on the weekend.

I have played paintball too but I think it's nice to throw it into the mix to keep things interesting. Airsoft is fun but sometimes if I'm feeling like it I'll play a few rounds of paintball instead.

I wouldn't consider myself a "true milsimmer" though, I prefer a more woodsball-scrim style of play but having said that a milsim isn't too much of a deviation for me, I might as well try it out and see if I like it.

I don't like ripping on paintball but the times I did play (public session) I found that it's 75% "extreme man, yeah dude totally hardcore" asshat kind of guys and 25% guys who are chill. The time I played in private session (cousin's friend booked a field and we all played) it was great, just like airsoft except with paint.

I don't think there's too much difference, really it's just the composition of people, and the style of play that's different.
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