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Originally Posted by gordo View Post
The guy at the store told me that if I took it apart and brought it over in pieces that it could come ovr ok. Said he has customers do it all the time. I was more concerned about the quality and durability of it with only 30 days waranty.

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You can't order guns from the US. No, there is no way around it.
Was that hard to understand?

People here have been doing this a lot longer than you have. If there was a way to easily get these across the border, we would.

What you are talking about is smuggling and it is illegal and we will not suggest it. The guy at the store just wants to make money -of course he's going to tell you you can do it. And as GSK88 said, he's not the one that's going to get a nasty letter from CBSA or charged at the border with attempted smuggling.

Get age verified, or if you're not 18, wait until you are 18, get age verified and buy guns here in Canada legally.

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