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Originally Posted by Omemee1 View Post
I'm Omemee1. Now this is the newbie tank is it not?, lets give the new starters of airsoft some real advice, theres nothing wrong with buying a $200 gun, I'm sure it will shoot just fine, even if it only last 6 months and has no upgradable parts, who live and learn, he obviously doesn't have $700 to lay down on a high end aeg, maybe you "veterans" should stay out of the newbie tank...
This is the newbie tank...and sound advice is being given out.

Cheap, poorly made airsoft guns are a waste of money. They might shoot for a bit and then break quickly (or a long's a crap shoot). But they're poorly made, the batteries that come with them are garbage and the chargers are more often questionalble than not.

The advice to "save up and buy a good gun" isn't's worth $150-250 of hard cash. And if a guy is tight on's not money that he has to "live and learn" with. I've "lived and learned" my way though $10K worth of airsoft stuff this year alone...not everyone can do that.

It's easy to piss away someone else's $'re not going to be stuck with a piece of junk in the end.

The "vets" have ZERO rewards for helping out others...and they don't get anything out of or learn anything from the newbie tank. They post up advice for guys starting out in the hopes that they'll save others from making mistakes that they lived through.
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