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Originally Posted by Omemee1 View Post
I'm Omemee1. Now this is the newbie tank is it not?, lets give the new starters of airsoft some real advice, theres nothing wrong with buying a $200 gun, I'm sure it will shoot just fine, even if it only last 6 months and has no upgradable parts, who live and learn, he obviously doesn't have $700 to lay down on a high end aeg, maybe you "veterans" should stay out of the newbie tank...
And where, exactly, can you get an airsoft gun for $200? And nowhere in this thread has anyone said to get a $700 gun... we've told the OP about the Kraken, which is around $200-$250, plus batteries, etc. That's as inexpensive as you can get in airsoft. That's fact. Sure, if you want to spend $190 on a piece of shit that will break in 2 months instead of $225 on something that will last much longer that's your business. But that's not airsoft, it's crap. New people who buy a shitty gun that breaks are not going to think much of the sport. Maybe when you've been around for a little while you'll get that. So be quiet and stop confusing the new people.

The newbie tank is for more experienced people to give sound advice to new guys. Not for new guys to spew disinformation at eachother.

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