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I was hanging out with this old friend of mine from elementary school last night. I haven't seen this guy since then either. So he tells me that he plays paintball often and that I should get into it. So I tell him that I play airsoft and that HE should get into it. He's never even heard of the sport/game/term airsoft before and he starts telling me that it's for gay people and stuff. So me and him get into a heated debate about the difference between airsoft and paintball. He's kind of a hard headed guy, so our debate never really went anywhere. I always grew up thinking that airsoft was way better than paintball from a very young age and I have always thought like that. I don't even know paintball too well because I thought that way and just never bothered to look into it. The only thing I know about paintball is when I see it on extreme sports channels on TV with those guys wearing MotoX gear and playing in tournament games like speedball. But being a guy who's really into military stuff, that stuff really never got me interested in it. So besides the type of guns and ammo we use in airsoft compared to paintball, what is the main difference between the 2 sprots?
sounds like a logical argument for something hes never heard about
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