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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
What i don't understand is why no one simply makes AEG the same as real guns (in legal terms). So that AEG = RS = Need PAL/RPAL. Is the Canadian government really that busy or to scared of soccer moms? Airsofters still pay their taxes don't they?...
Because the issue of replica firearm didn't face the user-based challenges it does now back in 1995. Law makers then didn't have any reason to cover airsoft guns, because there weren't that many in Canada back then. So they setup a legal situation where they now cannot require PAL/RPAL for replica firearm unless they open up the Criminal Code and probably the Firearms Act. Big can of worms there.

And really, even if they did want to execute a PAL/RPAL scheme for replica firearm, it'd be somewhat a ridiculously overkill of a solution for both sides.

Not having airsoft PAL/RPAL has nothing to do with soccer moms or taxes. Honestly, people are too quick to resort to soccer moms as explanations.
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